How to Rid and Prevent Underarm Stains


How to get rid of underarm stains and prevent them

I don’t care who you are, if you own a white shirt, chances are that the underarm portion of the shirt has begun or will begin to yellow. Let’s be honest…humans sweat. If you prefer to refer to it as “perspiring”, or “glistening”…to each their own. I know I sweat. So, what can we do about it? Would you believe I have the answer in one simple word? Aspirin. Yep, it turns out this little pill can do a whole lot. I’ve read about aspirin being an acne treatment and dandruff treatment. It can also rid the green color in your hair caused by chlorine…not to mention it can prevent heart attacks. Now we find that it can rid the world of pit stains?!? Here’s the scoop on putting the white back in your whites…

1. Crush 8 – 10 Aspirin pills in a small bowl.
2. Add just enough water to make a paste.
3. Work the paste into the stain.
4. Let it sit on the stain overnight
5. Wash as you normally do.

Voila! Bye, Bye yellow!

Now if we could only prevent it from happening again…


Prevent Underarm Stains

This time put the Aspirin away a bust out some baby powder. Take your new-looking, clean, white shirt and sprinkle a little baby powder into the underarms. Give it a once over with a hot iron. You’ll smell baby soft and the baby powder will prevent any sweat or oil from soaking into the fabric. I think I’m going to go whiten the rest of my shirts now. Let me know how you keep your whites white!

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    • 2

      Marie says

      Hi Eileen! Good question. I haven’t tried this trick on colors yet. I do, however, have a grey shirt that I was going to retire anyway, so let me do some experimenting. I’ll get you an update as soon as possible! Thanks for reading!

        • 4

          Marie says

          Good question! I hadn’t tried it on colors up until today, but I’ve been asked several times if if would work. I have the treatment on two colored shirts as we speak. Now I just need to let it sit over night, but should have an answer for you by tomorrow. Stay posted. I will let you know how it goes!

          • 6

            Marie says

            Results are in…I tried the Aspirin treatment on both grey and deep purple shirts. Both were 100% cotton. The treatment did NOT discolor the fabric. I hesitate to say that it won’t affect all fabrics, but cotton shirts seemed to be okay. I guess my whole theory is if I’ve got yellow armpit stains, the shirt is pretty close to the end anyway, and it would be worth a shot trying to save. :) Good luck! Let me know if you have success!

    • 8

      Marie says

      Good tip! That is true. Non-antiperspirant deodorants that do not contain aluminum are best for avoiding stains, but those types of deodorants don’t work for everyone. This post is helpful for those who need to use deodorants with antiperspirants. Thanks for your comment and for stopping by!

    • 12

      Marie says

      The baby powder does wash out, so ideally, yes, you have to repeat the process. You can also look for deodorants that do not contain aluminum. That will also help to keep stains from forming. Thanks for your interest!

    • 14

      Marie says

      It’s the same concept with collars, although keep in mind different fabrics may require multiple applications. In my experience with this, fabrics with more synthetic blends require more applications. Hope that helps.

    • 18

      Marie says

      You’re welcome and thanks for stopping by! I visited your country about 10 years ago. What a beautiful place to live!

    • 20

      Marie says

      I think it depends on the fabric and how set the stains are. I did try it on an older shirt that had been through the dryer several times and…nada. No change in the color. I guess I would say it’s worth a shot, but the older the stain, the less effect the Aspirin has.

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