How To Clean Your Computer Keyboard Safely


Computer Keyboard Cleaning Tips

Have you looked at your keyboard lately? I know that I hadn’t until tonight. It was gross! I am embarrassed to show you all these photos, but maybe this tutorial will help you get your keyboard looking new again. Now, keyboards can’t exactly get washed or wet, (we learned that the hard way with our mouse scroll bar and rubbing alcohol.. RIP little mouse). So how did I clean it? I cleaned it with Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. The cool thing is, I bought this keyboard from the local University Surplus Sale, so this keyboard looks newer than when I bought it. Look at all the college student fingerprints that I was able to wipe away.

Screen Shot 2013-11-23 at 11.21.22 PMIMG_4645

To clean you will need:

Simply take the corner of the Magic Eraser and rub gently. As soon as the key is clean move to the next to avoid over-scrubbing. You will notice little dust bits from the eraser, use the Air Duster to blow it away to avoid the dust from getting into the keyboard.

IMG_4643Can you believe how great it looks?

Do you have any other amazing uses for a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser?

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