How to Mask Off Furniture When Spray Painting with Plastic Wrap

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How to mask off projects the easy way - clever painting tip

Did you know that you can use plastic wrap  instead of masking tape for those round and curvy furniture pieces that are hard to mask off?


I first tried this with my daughters half fur/half wood rocking horse. The plastic wrap was so fast and easy. I loved the technique so much that I used it on this old chair. Just look how simple. If you are having a hard time getting a tight fit in an area, you can use masking tape to secure it, but the plastic wrap if stretched tight will hold just fine.

After the spray paint is completely dried, you can just cut of the plastic wrap with a pair of blunt tip scissors that are in my first aid kit.

How to Mask Off Furniture When Spray Painting with Plastic Wrap

Painting tip - masking off

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  1. says

    You have me confused.You show the back and seat covered so I am assuming you are painting the wood.The other picture shows you have painted the cloth part of the chair.?????

    • Ali says

      Haha, yes, I am sure that looks confusing. I decided to try painting the cloth after I got the wood done. If I were to do it over, I would have painted the cloth first. The plastic wrap was supposed to protect the cloth.

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